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SEPTEMBER 27-29, 2019

A festival for filmmakers | by filmmakers

Why This Festival? Why Now?

Because you want to be the Next Big Thing. Seriously, getting in on ground floor of an event is always easier than after it is established. This is the first year, of what promises to be many — we are offering you an opportunity to take you to the next level.

Get Connected Where It Counts

This festival was created by an independent filmmaker for you, the true independent filmmaker. Submit your film from anywhere in the world, to this event whose main mission is to connect you with seekers of new content.  

Listed in Our Filmmaker & Film Library

When you submit your film, you are automatically included in our film library. Entering this year means your film will be included the library from the very beginning. Inclusion in the festival library is part of the submission fee, at no additional cost.

Submit Your Feature Length Films

We believe in focusing on what will sell — so that you, the independent filmmaker, has opportunity to make your passion your career. Everything about NBTIFF is geared towards helping the independent filmmaker by providing a platform/venue to showcase your film, to help connect you with other independent filmmakers and ultimately find a connection to market and show your film.

Audience Feedback and Reviews

If your film is shown at the festival, you’ll come away with valuable packet of information: we gather audience demographics and audience reviews. You’ll get valuable insight into your audience for promoting your film, and hopefully come away with some great reviews to publish on your website or in other marketing materials.


Networking Event & Awards Ceremony

Think how great it will be to claim the very first NBTIFF Best Film prize. The festival concludes the evening of the 3rd day with a networking event and an awards ceremony for Best Film, decided by a weighted vote by attendees. Voter demographics along with comments and reviews are collected and provided to the filmmakers.

Sorry, we are no longer accepting submissions.
Please submit your film to us next year.

filmmakers: this is your festival

Regardless of where you live, this is an event that is all about independent filmmaking and most importantly — connecting you with seekers of new content.

We are not striving to replicate the Oscars® or any of the other top tier film festivals around the globe.  We are not about the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Instead we are focused on providing a platform that will take you to the next level.


Want to help? We love our sponsors, and even $10 can make a difference.


PRIZES for best picture


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